Saturday, May 17, 2008

TIBI Knock-Off: Finished

This is the final version of my TIBI knock-off!

What is really cool is that it can worn over a tissue-weight black t-shirt when it is cooler:

Finishing the sleeves – I debated a lot whether to serge the armscye or to Hong Kong finish it. I ended up choosing to bind the armscye. How I did it: First I stitched a second row of stitching 0.25” away from the armscye seam and cut 1/8” away from this second seam. I cut bias strips of the lining fabric, pressed them in half and then in quarters lengthwise and applied them to the armscye.

I really love this top and know that will wear it a lot!


Maja said...

Great job Adriana! Nice to see you blogging!

Christina said...

That is so chic, and I like that you can wear it with or without a long-sleeve shirt underneath.

flanthrower said...

What a gorgeous top! I love it!