Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Isabel Marant - Inspired Monochromatic Look

I have always admired the French designer Isabel Marant's casually chic aesthetics. So, it was no big surprise that for my latest sewing project my inspiration came from her Spring 09 runway, (image to the left image courtesey of

The look is easy to emulate: a simple pair of lightweight gray sweatpants and an equally basic lightweight gray sweatshirt.

Below are a three more images that channel a similar look. From left: Lover fall; style blogger wearing Everlast sweat shorts; Alex Wang resort '10 sweat pants; Isabel Marant sweat pants from the spring/summer '09 runway.

(photos courtesey of

The idea for the sweatshirt came from the two images (among others):

(Son of John sweater, (

For the top I used a preexisting American Apparel lightweight sweatshirt. The feather epaulets were purchased from MJ Trimming. I also bought (from elsewhere) a pack of single feathers, and attached them to the feather patches to make them richer and to give them the shape I wanted (the original patched were feather-skimpy, in my opinion). After hand-sewing the feather epaulets to the sweatshirt, I steam-shaped them to conform to the shape of the shoulders.

Next, I drew a pattern for the sweatpants - very basic one – elastic casings at the waist and ankles and inseam pockets in the outseams. One important note, unless you are going for a dhoti pant, keep the rise reasonable (not exaggerated), but do not do a low-rise. I am an XS in RTW and went with 9” front rise. The point is, you are not making yoga pants; instead, you are going after a soft, loose look. After making the pant, I rolled the ankles twice, because it tapers the overall silluette.
As far as styling: I think that when you are going after a monochromatic look (layered or not), it is important to keep the ensemble paired down color-wise, with only one contrasting accessory – shoes, handbag, belt. I chose a silver gray narrow belt and gray booties. That left the feather epaulets as my single accessory, which breaks the monochromatic picture, when the sweater is worn by itself. Otherwise, I plan on wearing it with a gray, knit wrap and a wine-brown handbag.

Actually, speaking about gray and brown, I love gray with this rich medium brown (saddle) color, such as the bags below (from left: Botega Veneta and Banana republic), but don't own any leather goods in this beautiful color:

PS: Will post photos of me wearing the sweatshirt and pants some time very soon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pregnancy Style # 4 BD Party

Although I don't typically wear shorter dresses, I finf they are just easier when you are pregnant. The dress below is a summer non-maternity dress, but I wore it with opaque tights and a turtleneck underneath. I also had a dark brown leather vest on, for warmth. The dress has an elasticated and belted waistline that is supposed to sit, naturally, on the waist. I, however, pulled the waistline higher (where I am narrower) and belted it there. It made the outfit shorter but wearable.

These suede peep-toe sandals, btw, are a pair of my most loved shoes. I snagged them on sale from some time ago!

If you are wondering where we were going, we were off to a birthday party (princess themed) for a sweet 4 y.o. On the pictures, my daughter is on the top, to the right, and yes, she refused to wear the crown she had just decorated. I personally am not into the whole polyester princess garb, but then again, I was 4 y.o. more than three decades ago! The girls loved it!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Juki MO 644D For Sale - SOLD

I am selling my Juki MO 644D. I bought an Imagine 1.5 yrs ago and have kept the Juki as a back-up since. It has been failure-free, super sturdy and reliable. I've loved it, raved about it on PR back when I bought it. I just don't need 2 sergers.

The machine, when new, sells for $400. I am selling mine for $200. Shipping is $20 (UPS Ground). Payment - Paypal.

The machine has been serviced regularly, including in the beginning of 2009 when the knives were changed. Since then I have used it on 2 or 3 garments.

Works with Organ needles. I am very anal about my stuff, and can guarantee it is in top used condition.

Comes and will ship in its original box, with the instruction book.

The only thing I may not have is the absolutely full list of accessories, but I have the most necessary ones (and the rest are dirt cheap generic ones you can get from any dealer).

I am also selling the 2/3 thread converter ($20 value), which you otherwise buy separately. It is used to make really fine rolled hems. BTW, the rolled hem without the converter are just about the best I have seen, and I have compared to the best of the PFAFF, Berninas, and etc.

If you are unfamiliar with the machine's features:

•Color Coded Threading System for easy threading
3-Thread Overlock
•3-Thread Wrapped Overlock
•4-Thread Mock Safety Stitch
•Blind Hem
•Rolled Hem-3 differnt sizes
•Differental Feed
•Adjustable Stitch Width
•Adjustable Stitch Length
•Sews 1,500 Stitches Per Minute
•Comes with Universal Throat Plate
•Easy Tension Adjustment
•Weighs only 15 pounds

If you are interested, want pictures, email me at