Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vogue Pattern 8259 Wanted

Does anyone have the Claire Shaeffer Vogue Pattern 8259 (6-8-10 ) that they would be willing to sell? Or does anyone know where there may be one for sale?
I checked ebay and the vogue site, but did not find anything. :((

Worst come to worst, is anyone willing to lend me the pattern, so I can trace it in my size?


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring-Summer Collection for My Daughter

I have been doing some summer sewing for my daughter. It has been a while since I have made her anything. Plus, she has loved and worn a ton the few things I have made her. The picture above contains most of the pieces I have made for her, but there a few that I made after the photo was taken.
The idea behind the undertaking was to develop a "collection" of sorts that offers the possibility to mix and match the individual pieces. When planning, Ihad to take in consideration the summer clothes she already has (mostly bottoms). I could have, hypothetically, made her the tank tops and tees she needed, but I went to the The Children’s Place and Old Navy instead. I’d rather use the time for something less generic.
Most of the designs are Burda WOF patterns; some are drafted by me. The styles and colors reflect what I like in children's clothing, i.e. clothes that resemble those of grown-ups, yet appropriate for the little ones. That is why there are not many (any!) frills and pink hues. I did not make more pants because my daughter prefers dresses and skirts to pants, so I had to respect that as well.

I am going to post individual pictures and brief reviews (if a commercial pattern was used) shortly.