Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tulip Skirt and a Knit Tank

No tulips outside yet, but I finished the "like Malene Birger" tulip skirt!

Unbenownst to me, according to the last issue of Lucky, tulip skirts with drape details are very much in. I personally do not care that much if they are in or not, I just love the way it creates curves for me without making me look unproportional.

Some time ago I posted about the muslin making process for this skirt and my fabric choice dilema (you can scroll down the blog if you are interested).

Initially, I intended to make the lower partfrom a loud print. Well, I did not because 1) did not find the right weight printed fabric and 2) decided I wil wear it more in a solid nude color. I think that the fact this cotton has a satin finish makes a big difference. It would have been rather dull otherwise.
The main fabric used is satin cotton from The bottom part is underlined with quilting cotton. The underlining was aimed at creating a "POOF."
It is lined and has side inseam pockets.

This is a very distinctive style, however, I rarely, very very rarely fall for a skirt, and I absolutely love the style of this one. Therefore, I may make it again and will make sure to choose a beefy, yet quite drapey fabric for the bottom (a tall choice that will require a lot of searching).
The fabric for this skirt could have been drapier, and it would have been useful mostly in the lower front part, but I could not find anything drapey, yet with substance, at this time.

Here are some close-up photos of some construction details:

The top I am wearing is inspired by the tees from T by Alexander Wang collection: soft, loose, unpretencious, subtly sexy.

My version is made of super soft rayon jersey from (I believe it is sold out, or I would have gotton more...)

The top is self-drafted throught the trial and error method.

I really like that it is like a plain canvass, and I can wear all my self-designed oversized jewelry with it!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Applying grommets to garments

This is another embelished tank I have been working on:

The fabric is rayon jersey in salmon color from I have much more from it and plan to make a maxi dress from it.
Two more photos:

This is a quick tutorial on applying grommets to garments:

Below are the materials you will need. You can get everything from Joann. The grommets are in the Home Dec dection. They vary in size and color. My local store had 5 different colors. BTW, the grommets are intended for shower curtains.
First, you must mark where you want your grommet.
Place the template (comes with the grommets) on top of your mark and mark in the cutout with water/air-soluble pen.

Cut out a hair within the marks.

From here now on it was hard to photograph, and I'll try to explain.
  • Turn the garment with the wrong side facing you.
    The grommet has a male and femal part.

  • Take the male part and place it behind the hole. Make sure the fabric is in the ditch (indented part) of the male grommet.

  • Take the female part and snap it on top.

  • At the end the female part will be on the wrong side and the male part will be on the right side of your project.
You can easily remove the grommets. The female part has a small opening where you can insert a small screw-driver and it will unsnap.

And voila!