Friday, May 16, 2008

The Waistcoat, a Fashionable Alternative to a Blouse!

My TIBI knock-off is done but I am waiting for a sunny day to take photos of me wearing it outside.
Meanwhile, I started work on another project – a waistcoat.
Having worn way too many vests throughout the early 90s, I didn’t think a waistcoat would ever capture my attention again. Well, never say never, I guess! I’ve recently come across these photos of K. Beckinsale and V. Beckam in Marie Claire magazine:

What makes me think that this trend might just work for me is that both ladies are wearing their waistcoats with jeans, an item I have quite a few of and absolutely love to wear! I also fancy the fact that the waistcoat can be worn without a blouse, or with a simple tank underneath.

One would think that a waistcoat is such a staple garment that it would not be hard to find a pattern for. Well, not so… I found it really difficult to come across a pattern for a fitted waistcoat that can be worn as a blouse. As a matter of fact, the only pattern that fit the description was a Burda WOF 2/2008 one.

Also, it does not hurt that I love Cidell’s fantabulous rendition of this pattern:

I am not sure if I am going to incorporate the armhole frills in my waistcoat and if I don’t, if I would keep the lapel as is or would opt for a notched lapel or no lapel at all.
The muslin will decide the fate of the frill/lapel!

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Liana said...

This style should be darling on you.