Saturday, February 13, 2010

Projects in Queue

Couple of days ago I received my tiny order from MJ Trimming. Unfortunately, the most anticipated item is backordered, so I'll have to wait 6 wks for it to arrive. Then, one of the other things I ordered was in less than perfect condition, and MJ is reshipping it. I hate when things like this one happen; you are all pumped up and then you have to wait.
Meanwhile, I went to Joann and got some materials to possibly fix the less then perfect item, and I think I succeeded. Today and/or tomorrow I am hoping to have my project finished and will post about it. Hint: it is one of those DIY designer embellishments I posted earlier about, and it involves feathers!

While in Joann I also got a cheap knit for muslins. Yesterday morning I was browsing the blogs I follow, and Grechen from had posted a link to the RTW by L’Agence. I knew nothing about the line, which apparently is brand new, launched in 2008 by the famed L.A. agent Margaret Maldonado. Another thing I learned was that each collection is guest-designed by fashion's most talented stylists. Back-story aside, I was drawn to the neutral easy-chic, effortlessness, and the diaphanous sensuality of the line. I decided to try and replicate, perhaps interpret, some of the pieces.
The most challenging (because I want it exactly the way the designer made it) and most desirable piece, for me, is the criss-cross back maxi dress:
Ialso really like the maxi skirt, which I'd probably make in black:

Lastly, they had two tops that appealed to me. This loose scoop-neck one:

And this oversized, off-the-shoulder top/tunic:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pregnancy style # 3 - Military

This post could also have been called "Shopping Your Wardrobe." Since the recession hit, this seeems to be a popular topic.

A pregnant reader commented that she finds it difficult to dress her body. I agree. It is not easy. Affordable maternity clothing is quite wack size-wise, and the designs are rather dowdy. There are places where you can buy really nice maternity wear, however, I am opposed to spending major money for pieces that will be worn for only a few months. I suppose that would make sense in case this is your 1st pregnancy and you plan on being pregnant 2-3 more times. Not my case.

Right now, I am determined to hold off buying/making anything maternity till I absolutely have to. I simply select looser styles from what I already have. For example, almost everything in the pictures below has been owned for a long time (the boots for more than 8-9 years). The only reletively new item is the pant, which I got from the GAP sale. Actually, speaking of the GAP, since Patrick Robinson took over the GAP creatively, I have really been pleasantly surprised by what I seee in their stores.

Btw, I have never worn red lipstick, but yesterday I got this one from the Lancome counter yesterday, and actually like both the texture (it's their long lasting one) and the color.

(GAP cargo paint splatter pants, GAP military parka, Marshiall's sweater and tank, rabbit fur vest purchased locally, and brown studded boots from loooong time ago)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pregnancy Style #2

This is the second post to the "Pregnancy Style" feature.
I think layering can get you far in the 1st and 2nd trimesters of pregnancy. I like longer and lighter underlayers and shorter and darker top layers. Note on pants: I got these Blank jeans from the Saks Outlet and I wanted to comment on them. They look 100% as jeans, however, the fabric is not denim. I believe it is cotton something with a lot of stretch. Citizens has a similar jeggings style(also in black), but with a higher rise, and I think it is a new style for the brand, hence, selling at full price. Anyway, Tthe Blank jeggings are perfect for my situation because they stretch a lot, have a very low front rise, keep their shape, and stay up. Oh yes, they have zippers at the bottom outseam, so I can wear them over heals without having to scrunch!
Here I am leaving for class:

(wearing Blank jeans, Inhabit cottton t-shirt, Ivan Grundahl sweater, DIY tube scarf, and DIY necklace)

I maded the necklace some time ago when I had a jewelry-making phase. back then I posted detailed photos of the few pieces I made. Anyway, I love this one. It is so simple - antigue-finished chain laced with leather cord and knotted at the bottom. It has turned out to be incredibly versatile. I have worn it tens and tens of times.