Thursday, February 4, 2010

Easy to DIY Designer Details - Spring 2010

1. This first idea is as easy as it can possibly be. You need a tank and ribbon. Of course, the ribbon pieces can be made at home from silk or silk-like fabric. You'll need to decide where you would like to attach the ribbon, cut the tank straps there, and attach the ribbon pieces.


2. This is a Philip Lim cardigan. The design is, obviously, for a wrap cardigan, yet, I think it wil work on a regular one as well. I tried to decipher the material of the ribbons, and I think they are from a silk-like material, or possibly silk (not sure though). In my opinion, a soft velvet ribbon will work as well.


3. For this last project, which is a Gryphon sweatshirt, you will need to find a premade crystal-sequin applique ( has those, and possibly many other retailers). If the applique is smaller, you can apply a piece to each shoulder, is an epaulette manner (se below); or you can go with a larget applique and attach to one shoulder only (such in the Gryphon design). This one is perhaps my favourite projects of teh three. I like the how the sporty fabric and cut are dresses up (but not too much) my the sparkly applique. I am thinking of trying this one out.

(Gryphon sweatshirt,

(Son of John pullover,

Pregnancy Style #1

I am starting a "Pregnancy Style" feauture on my blog. I plan on documenting (at least once a week) what I will wear during my pregnancy.

So, let's begin. I wore this outfit when the whole family went to the outlets and then had a late lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.
( dark purple Inhabit cashmere sweater, gray pleated skirt, Long woolen cardigan, gray scarf, black hose, and gray suede ankle booties)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Draped Skirt Tutorial

I have recently found this tutorial for a very interestingly draped skirt:

As a matter of fact, the entire blog “Life in Travel”( is an intriguing read on fashion, style, cuisine, and travel. I thought this particular DIY is quite worthy of mentioning for both its design uniqueness and construction simplicity.