Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Burda WOF Waistcoat – Part I

I made up my muslin and here are the photos:

As you can see the right front has frill on the armscye and the left one has lapel.
Design decisions:
To frill or not to frill: While I love both version, at this point I think that I would get more use of the frill-less version.
The lapel: Will definitely use the lapel.Pockets: I decided on no pocket. I think it is a cleaner look this way and I would never use the pockets anyway

Fabric choice: Here is my fabric and the buttons.

Fabric: Navy/white pinstripe- $6.24, from Joann
Lining: Navy Baroque satin - $3.24, from Joann
Buttons: $3, from Joann
Interlining: Cotton Batiste- $6, from the sewingplace.com
Interfacing: Feather weft - $2, from the sewingplace.com
Total for the project: $20.48
I chose navy as my color because of my inspiration and also because I think it would go really well with denim.

Pattern alterations: I traces size 36 and interestingly enough I did not have to do any alterations for fit other than let out a bit the side seams under the arms.
Notes on Construction: I am making this vest fully lined because it is going to be rubbing against my skin. I am avoiding the back neckline facing and extending the lining to the back neckline. The entire vest is going to be interlined with cotton batiste. I am interfacing the interlining for the outer peplum pieces and for the outer collar pieces with feather weft (an idea borrowed from Cidell at http://missceliespants.blogspot.com/) and stabilizing the armhole and the back neckline with fusible bias tape sent to me couple of years ago by Els (http://thesewingdivas.wordpress.com/category/els/).
Here is a picture of the work in progress:

So, back to work and hopefully it will be done by the end of the week! Having a little one, housework, and yardwork shrinks my sewing time to mostly late night sewing...


Marita said...

Eli, is that you? OMG !!!! great that you started a blog, you're such a good sewist:-)

.... thinking about that waistcoat,great fabric choice!!! if you make the ruffle on the shoulder detachable (sewing it to be kind of standalone and stitching it below the armcye from outside, then you could easily remove it when you don't like it anymore) a bit extra work I know but I like it both ways and maybe would make it like that myself. ps you look great:-) Marita

Anonymous said...

The muslin waistcoat fits great and I am looking forward to see the finished version.For a clean line no frills but I like Marita's idea to make it detachable so you have a choice.( snap tape)


The J said...

I'm liking your blog!!

Would you consider activating the RSS feed for the blog? (I use Google Reader to notify me of new posts to my favourite blogs.) In Blogger, it's "Settings" from the Dashboard, then "Site Feed" - setting "Allow Blog Feeds" to either "short" or "full" will do the trick, if you want to.

Adriana B. said...

The J,
I will do that. I am new to blogging and still figuring things out. Thank you for the idea,

Anonymous said...

welcome to blogland!!! I found you via Assorted Notions blog and am so glad I clicked over.

That waistcoat it going to look fabulous!! can't wait to see it and all your creations.

I have already added you to my bloglines.

Melissa said...

Your waistcoast is going to be so fabulous - can't wait to see the finished garment!

Lashell said...

I'm glad that Christina highlighted you on her blog. Your stuff is fabulous. I can't wait to see more.