Friday, August 28, 2009

The Color Gray - The New Black

I have always been attractes to gray, pretty much ever since middle school. Why? Well, first, it is a neutral color and hence, goes with everything, second, it comes in all nuances, third, is much less severe than black, forth, is more fun than black, fifth, gray shoes look awesome with matter gray hosiery, sixth, great for work, seventh, looks sophisticated, etc.

I have always wondered why would retailer make clothes in gray, yet, not manifacture accessories and shoes in this staple color. Well, right now, there are plenty of shoes, handbags, and belts out there in different shades of gray.

For the collages below I used only major retailers, such as Ann Taylor, J Crew, and Banana Republic. I decided to go with them because of their accessability, generally good price points, frequent promotions/sales, and more classic designs. And, btw, I am not affiliated with any of them, in any way.

These pumps are classic enoughto last through the fashion seasons:

From left to right: Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, J Crew, and J Crew again

Love these fancier J Crew pumps. The pink trim and the flower make it so much fun! I'd actually really love to own a pair!

I own a pair of gray boots actually. Cannot tell you enough how versatile they turned out to be. Wore them all winter and got tons of compliments for them.

From left: Banana Republic and J Crew

If you still like your footwear black, escape tha matchy-matchy world and cinch your waist with a gray or charcoal belt like the one below from Ann Taylor.

If you are tired of toting a black bag in fall and winter, try a gray one. I have a gray bag and a gray clutch and have found that they are greatly versatile.
All handbags J Crew

Lastly, I find gray clothes to be a great neutral canvas to use funky colors with. a basic example below: A slate J Crew puffer can be cinched with a neon pink skinny belt (again J Crew). I have this very same puffer and cinching it makes you look like you have really long legs, regardless of being 5'3" (in my case).