Friday, January 9, 2009

Missed but Not Forgotten!

I am contemplating whether or not to re-subscrive for Burda WOF. So, I decided to go through the 2008 issues and look-out for missed gems. Here is what I came up with:

02-121 Pleated pants.
I want to make a pair of cropped pleated pants in silk and this pattern is a good starting point:

04-101 Safari Dress
Love the flounce at the bottom:

04-113 Cargo Pants
I'd make them longer, so I could roll them up:

05-126 Jacket
I'd make it longer (high-hip or so); otherwise the design of the sleeves is really unique:

05-113 Shirt dress
It is not exactly that I missed this pattern, I just could not find the right slot buttons last year:

05-108 Tulip Skirt
Interestingly draped design:

06-105 - Shirt
Not completely sold on this one but with the right fabric it could be a winner:

08-111 Shirt Dress
If I only find the right print, this would be a lovely 4-season dress:

09-115 Shirt
Basic and fitted. Icould try it:

07-118 Sleeveless Tunic
I'm thinking of making this in a stable knit, perhaps with a colorblocked effect, or if it has two distinctive right sides, use both:
Well, the jury is still out on the re-subscribing, but at leat now I know that if I don't subscribe, there are pleanty of projects in the 2008 issues!
What are your omitted but "must-make" designs from the 2008 issues of Burda WOF?


wendy said...

I like that 105 blouse from June- I should make it up sometime, since I love the tuck front blouse from that issue.

Also the windbreaker from March 2008 is top of my list. It's traced and stacked with the material on my shelf! And I'd like to make a few of the button front blouses from October/November.

I'm reluctant to stop buying it since their size 36 fits me so beautifully, I worry I'd have to go back to making pattern alterations and endless muslins like I do with Vogue and Simplicity!

Dawn said...

I love several of those patterns as well. All great choices.

Christina said...

I have too many 2008 "must-make" patterns to list! Every time I look through the magazine, I see something new that I like.

I like those cargo pants. You are right that whether or not you subscribe, you'll have plenty of patterns to choose from as is.

Lindsay T said...

I'm subscribing to BWOF for the first time this year. Having a teenage daughter who also likes their style helped justify the decision. And I do like that you can go back through it and find things you missed the first time.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I'm working on 09-2008-115 now and really liking it. I don't recognize hardly any of the ones you linked--clearly I need to go back through my issues again. I actually leaf through them often, but usually it's because I'm looking for a specific item and skim over everything else.

Gorgeous Things said...

I'm like Christina. I have too many to list. I love that safari dress. That will be fabulous on you.

Melissa Fehr Trade said...

Noooooo! Not the May tulip skirt! Really this pattern is a STINKER! Me and the other girl who reviewed it on PR agreed that it only looks good if you're standing absolutely still - the second you move, the folds go really weird and refuse to lie flat and it looks awful. This was pretty much the only wadder I made all year, gah.

Sew Passionista said...

I too am trying to decide whether to resubscribe. I've had my subscription since last March and haven't made a single thing. I especialy liked this month's issue. If I haven't made anything by the end of Feb., I'm not going to.

Tany said...

Many of your picks appeal to me aswell. The cargo pants were in my list last summer but I didn't have the time to make them (maybe this year I will), and so was the shirt dress (same problem, I couldn't find the right buttons...)