Thursday, January 15, 2009

Slim Low-Rise Pants

I like to browse retail websites and fashion mags and get ideas about what I’d like to sew. This pair of pants is no different, and here are the pieces I drew ideas from:

Slim leg, low-rise, short inseam. Here is the sketch:
I started off with a developed some time ago pant sloper, modified the leg according to the knee and ankle circumference I was going for, and added the pockets and the fly front. A muslin later I had my pattern.

Japanese Woven fabric – “Roam If You Want To” - from It is non-stretch, spring weight. This is the 2nd time I use this fabric (I made a high-waisted skirt from it earlier) and it sews like a dream!

Construction details:

For interfacing I used fine weft and fusible tricot. Fusible tricot was used behind the pockets and on the waistband facing. Everywhere else I applied fine weft. The waistband is contoured and faced with pocketing fabric. For pockets I used double welt pockets with tabs on the back and slant double welt pockets on the front.

Front slant double welt pockets – I saw this particular design on a pair of GAP pants and thought it was a neat idea (particularly for low-rise pants) how the top edge of the pocket was “cut.” I mulled over what was the best technique to use and I came up with a pretty decent one. this is a photo tutorial on how to make them.


Erica B. said...

Your pants look great! Fabulous job on the drafting!

Dei said...

I am always amazed at what you sew. Everything is so fantastic! I absolutely love those pants! Where did you learn your pattern drafting skills?

Lindsay T said...

Yes, Adriana, inquiring minds want to know. Please do a "sewing back story" post about you one of these days! Great pants, btw...

Anonymous said...

Hi Adriana, I've been reading your site for some time now (saw your exceptional skills on PatternReview) and am also interested in knowing how you learned to do this exquisite work. I took a pattern making class last year, but am nowhere near your level.

Marita said...

As always you look stunning and those pants are sooo HOT!!! Go and take a peek in my new post, there might be something for you.

Tany said...

I love them and you look great in them!! Very stylish!