Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My 2008 Non-Sewing Product Discoveries

Ok, so, this is still a sewing blog! I would typically not rave about products, unless I am absolutely consumed with belief that they are mention-worthy. It is penny-pinching time right now for many, so I think it is important to share about products that we have found to actually work.

Here are (in no specific order) my 2008 discoveries:


This is what their website says: “PHYTO drew inspiration from plants well before the emergence of environmental awareness. To this day, our family-owned Phytosolba Laboratories carefully select the plants with the most beneficial properties to use in each product. Our solutions boast extremely high concentrations of active botanical extracts with clinically proven results. PHYTO products are not tested on animals.”
I have never bought anything more expensive than Tresemme and Pantene for my hair. One reason – at this point my hair does not have any special needs. Recently though, I noticed that as my hair was getting longer, the ends were getting dry and brittle. My hairdresser suggested Phyto, in my case Phytonectar ultra nourishing oil treatment with egg yolk oil and Phytonectar ultra nourishing shampoo with orange blossom. I was pretty ambivalent at first because I tend to doubt more expensive hair products, however, since he has not given me a bad hair care advice yet, I gave it a shop. It has been amazing. I used to use a fair amount of styling products to infuse volume in my hair; now I don’t use anything but a shampoo and a conditioner. DD has very fine hair that gets incredibly static and tangles like crazy. I used the same products on her and the result is silky hair, no static, no tangles. I did the math… The Phyto line is by no means cheap, however, it goes a long way, provides amazing result and I don’t have to buy any other styling products! Additionally, due to me not using styling products, my hair now lasts 1-2 longer without me having to wash it!So, financially, it is a wash, but I love the effectiveness!
My MIL gave me a few to try and that was it! I buy veggies and fruit a lot and since I resent grocery shopping, I buy them in big packages. The Green Bags allow for my produce to stay fresh. I could not ask for more!

I have heard people talking about this line but have thought it was all hype and PR. Some time ago I took some samples from MB’s stand Nordstrom and was sold. My skin is combo/break-out prone and likes to create problems for me. I’ve tried many products – OTC, prescription-ointments, Murad. SkinMD, Proactive, you name it. Nothing had really worked, but my credit card company was happy. MB’s products are not cheap, however, they last really long time, you need very little product and are very effective. Here is what I use now:

I have also heard that people with rosacea sweat by his products.

I know there are plenty high-quality cosmetic brushes out there but, but the prices can prohibitively high. A new line called Ecotools is different. Ecotools are designed to be as ecologically friendly as possible. The products are made primarily of bamboo and synthetic bristles. The company donates some of the profits to sales to environmental groups around the world. What I like: very soft bristles, smooth makeup distribution, very affordable (unlike MAC). I absolutely LOVE their angle eye brush, it is the best! You can purchase Ecotools at WalgreensTarget, Ulta, and Ecotools has a store locator tool.

I am in love with the products I’ve tried, i.e. the Body Butter in Peach, Endless Glove Hand Cream, Flake Away Body Scrub, and Sugar Crush Body Scrub. They are effective, smell deliciously, and the packaging is witty. It doesn’t hurt that DH loves them too!
So, this is basically it! I am, of course, not affiliated with any of these retailers/brands. Just a consumer:)


The Slapdash Sewist said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll have to look for those ecotools brushes. My eyeshadow brushes are pretty dead at this point.

L-Del Sews said...

Great post! I really enjoy your blog but this is my first comment, how funny. I agree, I love mario badescu, which was recommended to me by a model/makeup artist during a makeup consultation. I have been using it ever since. I love that they give out generous samples. I also just got an ecotools blush brush and like it, which is why I am now anxious to check out your other two product lines. Thanks for the suggestions! have a great day!

kasizzle said...

Thanks for these great reccomendations! I have been considering the Mario Badescu line.
I also have used the Phyto and the Soap and Glory lines and love them.