Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall-Winter Sewing Update

So, the Marni-inspired coat is ready, I only have to install the sew-on snaps.
Also, there are some changes that I've made to my sewing plan:
1.I tried on a high-wasied skirt by Rebecca Taylor. Fitted me like a glove and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it had linen in it and that was the part I was not so fond of. Also, I thought that I could make something of comparable quality for 1/5th of the price. So, I will be making Vogue 8425, view A. (the blue skirt).

2. I have been wanting to try a slouchy pant for about 2 years. Also, for about the same amount of time I have been fancying plaid. So, I decided to blend my two fancies into a plaid wide leg slouchy pant and I have a great fabric for it! I'd be using the Vogue pattern below and perhaps would incorporate the backpocket treatment of the DVF pants to the right.

3. Lastly, but not leastly, I need a piece of advice. I have been contemplating on making high-waisted trousers. I am not sure if they will work on me and it has also been hard to find an inspiration piece. These are the two I’ve come upon:

The first is by Nanette Lepore and the second by Burberry. Do you think it is worth trying? Which do you think would work best, or have you stumbled on a good pair of high-waisted tailored pants you can refer me to? Or maybe I should stick just with the high-waisted skirt?
I will be reviewing the Burda blouson and the Marni coat shortly.


rosanne said...

My first reaction was to say go for the super high waist, but then I remember you are rather petite. In that case, the pant on the left is more of a moderate high waist - more like a large waistband, plus the crease is visually lengthening. I would refer you to Lauralo's blog for her Toreador pants, made with an OOP DKNY wardrobe pattern.

Cafe Couture said...

I vote for the high waist skirt ! Never managed to sew wearable pants yet. good luck with your new projects

Jenny said...

I'd go with the pants on the left. They look easier to pull off. I would feel silly wearing the others, but then again, you look great in all kinds of styles I'm scared of. :-)

Geri said...

I liked the look of your high waisted shorts on you very much. I like the slouchy wide legged pants a lot. I first wanted to try the look with some jeans - I bought some subtle brown denim already I want to topstitch it with a gold thread.

Tany said...

There's an OOP Vogue pattern (Donna Karan's) for high waist trousers and I've seen it made up by Laura ( I confess being sceptic at first about this type of trousers but when I saw them on Laura I really loved them.

Anonymous said...

All of your choices look great and I'm looking forward to seeing your versions. About the high-waisted pants: visually cutting up the area with a wide waistband makes a world of difference.

Anonymous said...

wow I love all the ideas. Can't wait to seem them come to life!! especially those high-waisted styles