Friday, August 15, 2008

My sewing plan for September'08 - March'09

I am starting school this coming week, my daughter starts gymnastics and dance, I'd like to throw in some skiing in our winter plans, and we are also going to be away for a few days in September and 2 weeks in November. With other words, it appears that the fall and winter are going to be rather intense and this will inevitably affect my sewing/crafting.

BTW, speaking of dance...brag time! This is my daugher during her dance class:

I think that, hands down, she is my best creation ever!

With the busy schedule in mind, I decided to make a "rough draft" type of plan of what I really want to make during the cold months. It includes mostly unstructyred fluid pieces since I doubt I'll have time for involved tailoring.

1. I'd like to make a drapey cashmere or cashmere-blend coat based on BWOF 10/2007-101 pattern, sans the fur cuffs and possibly, the collar will be a side neck tie a la a 3.1 Philip Lim coat from his 2007 or 2006 collection. I am thinking either woven or appropriate knit.

2. A sweater coat with simple raglan sleeves and straight lines or possibly inspired by this Marni coat:
3. A sweater dress. I really like this dress by Jovovich-Hawk and am thinking of doinf something similar.
You cannot tell from the photo, but the turtleneck is so big that it can be used as a hood!
4. A jersey dress a la :
a) this Halston (it has a deeper V-neck in the back and the side seams are weighted in order to allow the drape):
b) this Bi La Li bubble dress:
5. I have to finish my BWOF jumper I posted earlier this week about.

6. Knock-off a top by a label called Alldressedup. BTW, their collection amazes me. It show draping in a completely new (almost origami-like) light and at the same time very modern and clean. Check it out if you are interested at The top I want to recreate is this one and it is going to be a challenge but a good one:
6. Knitted accessories:
I am not a knitter but can knit VERY basic stuff like scarfs, ponchos, wraps. I am really fascinated by some designer accessories, such as these:
a) Michael Kors Snood (essentially an oversized cable-knit turtleneck knitted in the round):

b)DKNY Infinity scarf (a scarf which two ends are sewn together):

c)See by Chloe Hooded Scarf:

For this one I will need my MIL's help but can definitely do it.
So, I am interested in your imput. What do you think? Have you seen something similar to my inspiration pieces that you could point out or hint at a pattern I can use? Any input will be appreaciated!


Geri said...

Good luck! Everything looks very schick an comfy. And your daughter is so sweet dancing. I am sure it is your best creation.

Myra said...

Your daughter is so cute! I love the hooded cowl neck dress and the all dressed up top. Good luck at it!

loopylulu said...

Your daughter really is too cute. At first with the way the sun was angled in those pictures I thought they might have come out of a kids anthropologie catalog.

I like all the dresses you chose, very drapey, which looks really good with your frame.

Kim said...

I saw that All Dressed Up top on net-a-porter and was thinking about knocking it off...I love the neckline! The thought of making all those eyelets is pretty daunting, though, so I would probably switch it to a casing.

Lindsay T said...

One of the dresses you picked out reminds of a dress my daughter just bought in Malibu. It's rather interesting in its construction details and I hope to blog about it soon. That may help you.

Adriana B. said...

Lindsay, I would definitely appreciate you blogging about your daughter's dress!

Tany said...

Your daughter is beautiful and sweet!

It sounds like you have a plan and a good one! I know someone who made the BWOF 10/2007-101 coat, it's Lisa from, it's a beautiful and trendy model!

tiajones said...

Hi Adriana,

I just couldn't resist commenting! First and foremost, I love the name of your blog. Second, I'm totally diggin' the Jovovich-Hawk Sweater Dress too! I've been a sweater dress girl for about 3 years now. Allow me to quickly introduce myself. My name's Tia and the Online Marketing and PR Specialist at Expansion Plus (PR Agency). I'm also the Community Manager for HerRoom (Online Lingerie Store).

The wonderful thing about a sweater dress is it can be worn in a dressy or casual manner! You can wear it with cowboy boots, heels, fitted jeans, tights, etc. I actually look forward to the fall cuz I can break out my old ones and add a few new ones.

Did you know that the Sweater Dress is the top prediction for this Fall? The thing is, since most women don’t have a perfect figure, and sweater dresses can be quite unforgiving, we at her HerRoom came up with the perfect solution: T shirt bras specially manufactured to wear with knits...

We have a list of our picks for Fall, for petite, average and full figures. We would love if you blogged about it! Can we send you the list?

Thanks again!

Community Manager

MaryAlice said...

Page 25 of "Homespun Handknit" has your hooded scarf. You will have to add pockets and adjust the width, but the basic idea is there. If you go to knitting sites you'll find almost all the accessories you want. I'm surprised to see that designers are using these old styles, updated, since they are knitted and handknitting is often looked down upon.