Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maison Martin Margiela (MMM) Oversized Clutch

I have been trying to get inspired and while it has proved difficult, I think I found something that gives me ideas.
You maybe have come across Judy Aldridge's blog, and if you have not, you must check it out. Its DIy section is small but she is a very stylish lady. Anyway, this is a link to a Maison Martin Margiela (MMM) clutch that she has
It is bright and oversized and I like everything about this combo. I really like the yellow color but I think other brights would work too.
So, I can make this, no problem. The problem is, however, where do I find a quilted fabric like that?
If anyone has an idea, please share!
Then again, perhaps I can find faux (or genuine) leather and do the quilting myself, but I have never done leather before, much less quilted with leather. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Then, last question. Assuming I go with fabric, how do I pretreat the fabric so it is stain and water resistent? Is there any product that I can use at home?
Lastly, some eye-candy... I have been lasting over three pairs of booties that I'd likely never own:
Givency Wedge Ankle Boots
Miu Miu Textured Boots, my favourites:
Prada Boots


Cisa said...

When working with leather, be sure to use a brand spanking new needle and a teflon foot on your machine.

TheLuxuriousVagabond said...

I would probably do the quilting for it. Maybe even yellow ripstop fabric would be a cool alternative to faux leather.

Nancy K said...

Leather is easy to work with. Just think twice and measure twice as they say, before sewing as you can't rip because the stitch marks are permanent.
It would be easy to either use a thin fleece or even a piece of flannel to quilt the leather. If you have a quilting guide, it fits into the hole at the back of your machine ankle, keeping the lines even is easy. You can use some temporary spray adhesive to hold it in place for stitching. A, soft thinner leather is very easy to use.

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