Saturday, August 1, 2009

Upcoming NYC Visit

On Thursday I am leaving for NYC for a week.
I have been there only once for a day trip that included a Statute of Liberty visit, so I cannot stress enough how much I DO NOT know the city.
I am hoping that a New Yorker is reading my blog because I need some reccommendations: where to eat, what to visit, where to shop, etc.
I have already consulted Lindsay T's guide and interactive map to fabric shopping in NYC but am hoping to glean into other stuff that can be done while there, and that is off the tourist-beaten path.
As a point of reference, we will be staying very close to the United Nations building and I have a 3.5 y.o.
Thank to everyone in advance,


Anonymous said...


I live in Manhattan and can clue you in to a few places. What are you looking for specifically? I have a 2 yr old, so I know a lot of kid friendly places to eat and kid things to do and would be happy to share that info with you.

Maggie said...

I'll be in the city on Friday and Saturday for a wedding. Last time I used Lindsay's map to go shopping but didn't get too far. It was close to Christmas and really crowded. Mood Fabrics is fun and huge. If you really don't have a type of fabric in mind you may be overwhelmed. I would reccomend it though. The stores are pretty close together so on a nice day you could walk from one to the other. But your 3 yr old may be antsy.

Adriana B. said...

I am looking for a few budget friendly places to eat, as well as a few things to do. I am planning on going to the Central Park zoo, the Manhattan Children's Museum and the Children's Museum of Art. I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Tany said...

Have a safe trip, Adriana!

wendy said...

Oooh! You'll have lots of fun. :-) My nieces love the natural history museum and the chelsea market & essex street market food stalls, but there are TONS of other great things to do with little kids.

Lindsay T said...

Well, if you're going to be in Central Park then it would be a crime not to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You don't have to see everything in it--just pick some areas of interest to you and tackle those. I was there six months ago with my 3.5 yr-old niece and she was up for it. Most New Yorkers will agree you have to go to the Met if you've never been.

Kid-friendly places to eat are pretty easy to find everywhere, so I don't think you need to do a lot of pre-planning for that.

You're bringing a stroller, right?

Lee Ann said...

For shopping, go down to the East Village! It's definitely off the beaten path...

On 8th/9th street between 1st and 2nd avenues there are a few really nice boutiques selling short run small label clothes, and one of a kind pieces. I like Meg a lot. There are also a few really nice consignment and vintage shops! It's also very pretty down there for strolling.

You will notice that there are a bunch of sushi/yakitori places on St. Marks Place (8th) btw 3rd and 2nd aves. It's a little Japan! One of those places gives you a little cone of sugar on the way out, so you can put it in a machine and make your own cotton candy!

Veniero's Italian Pastry shop is a great place for a break. They have little tine Italian pastries that you can get for less than $2 each, so you can try a few. Your kid might like steamed milk with vanilla or almond syrup!

Momofuko on 1st ave (around 10th i think) is FAMOUS for the most amazing Ramen noodle soup. It's SO goooood.

Also, there are a million delicious cafes on the shady streets for lunch or dinner. Most places are good, and they are all funky and fun!

I would recommend taking the green line or the yellow line to Union Square, and walking over to 2nd ave along 14th, then walking down from there. On a Wed or Sat you can also check out the Greenmarket, it's a HUGE farmer's market!

You can just wander between tenth and 1st streets, all the way over to Ave B, and see so many fun things!

Oh there is so much I want to tell you! I get really excited about this stuff.

Here are some favorite places I go with guests:

Here is a walk through of discount fabric shopping in Little India in Queens:

If it's hot and rainy, your baby would like the Natural History Museum,

And if you have a nice afternoon, you cannot beat the Central Park zoo!

Lsatly, on a pretty day, take the 7 train one stop into Queens from Grand Central - to Vernon-Jackson. It's a 3 minute ride. Get out of the train, walk up to t48th ave (2 blocks) and walk left down towards the river. There is a big, brand new park right on the water with the most amazing views of Manhattan! There is a fancy place there with city views where you can have an hors d'oeuvre and a drink, or just lie around in the grass or on the cool wooden chars or benches.

If you want some discount designer clothes, don't miss Century 21 down near ground's HUGE but you can get amazing deal

HAVE FUN! I love here is a blast!

Whew! I could go on on and on! heehee