Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DIY Balmain Shoulder Pads

I have not blogged for a while. Part of it is because I have been transitioning to a new computer on account of my old one dying on me. The other part is that I have not sewn. Today, however, I came upon this blog: Its most current article is on DIY Balmain shoulder pads. So, I though I'd share...


Myrna said...

I completely understand your dilemma regarding sewing. When I debated this for myself, I decided to view creativity as an inexpensive form of entertainment - the cost per hour is relatively cheap compared to many things - and one that challenges and intrigues me.

After I've sewn a garment (or anything) I decide whether to keep it, recycle it into something else, or give it away. Any choice is fine because it's the process of creating that is critical for me. It keeps me sane and centered, interested in life and more interesting to be around.

I hope you work out a way. I've missed your postings however, that's purely selfish. With a blog of my own, I realize that it has to be about you not the reader. When and if, it'll be nice to see what you're working on. Good luck.

- Myrna

Kim said...

Thanks for the link...very interesting site.