Friday, August 29, 2008

Marni - Inspired Sweater Coat

This particular sweatercoat is one of the two in my winter sewing plan and is inspired by the lines of a Marni coat. I love sweater coats and they are very appropriate for the weather here in CO, do not wrinkle and are unassuming. This is the link via which you can check the original coat:
Unfortunately, the original Marni coat is black and the otherwise lovely site is not one with great photos. Anyway, I hope you can at least see the general siluette of the garment.
My design is a bit of a departure from the original - the sleeves of my coat are shorter and wider and I made a short funnel neck similar to a coat by MARC BY MARC JACOBS:

I also feel that my coat hits slightly lower than the original (lengthwise).

I drafted the pattern myself and was fortunate enough to need only one muslin. It is really an extremely basic pattern, the only two things you need to figure out are the width at the bust and width of the sleeves.

A lovely colored sweaterknit which unfortunately is probably 100% polyester. I wear color a lot, prints not so much, therefore the ombre-ish effect of this fabric appealed to me as a lovely compromise. I actually bought a year ago it from Joann of all places (I avoid buying fabric from there, unless it is in the clearance section and usable for muslins) with no idea what I was going to make from it.

The entire coat (short of the facings) is underlined with lycra jersey knit. The front edges are cut on the selvage and are left unfinished. The sleeve hems, hemband and facings are bound with soft lightweight jersey. The closure consists of antique gold mega snaps.

The belt is my own Fullum belt that I labsolutely love, mainlt due to the unorthodox closure!


Myra said...

wow, you have been busy. I like this one.

loopylulu said...

Looks great w/ the belt.

Lindsay T said...

Fabulous and very you.

Marita said...

Adriana, where do find all the time to sew, that coat really looks YOU! I can almost feel how comfortable it is. Enjoy the fall:-)

Children's Ministry (0-5th grade) said...

I've been following along with all of the things you've been making for a while now, and love them all. I think it's time I left a comment telling you so. I also want to know where you purchase your fabrics???

Adriana B. said...

for this sweater the fabric is from Joann, however, this is the exclusion to the rule. I buy from mostly only from,, and There is also a local store witj beyond beautiful stuff but also super pricey so I buy from then only sometimes:)

Tany said...

Adriana, you are the best! You version turned out better yhan the original! You look stunning in your new sweatercoat!

Children's Ministry (0-5th grade) said...

I'm checking those sights out now! THANKS!!

Cafe Couture said...

Adriana, I just offered you a diamond on my blog, if you wish you can go and see :) Lucia

katherine h said...

I read your blog entry below about the plaid, slouchy pants....have you seen the ones on this link? I think it is the pattern you were considering.

Gorgeous Things said...

I am only now catching up on blog reading (and then only a little). That turned out so beautifully! Did those snaps work out for you?