Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Sweater, Your Sweater, It’s All in the Family! And it is Fall!

I have not made anything for DD in 2 years and thought it was time.
For this fall-winter season I decided to again make some of her clothes and started with some sweater dresses.

The scarf to the left is made from an open-knit sweater knit fabric and I used the selvages to simulate short fringe.

Dress #1:

A long sleeve, A-line dress, with a turtle neck, fully lines with soft jersey.
Fabric: the jersey is from and the sweater knit is actually a former sweater of mine, hence the title for this post.
How it is made:
- Traced (roughly) the pattern from an Old Navy sweater dress my DD wore last winter.
- Made some adjustments at the armhole and for length to accommodate her growth
- Applied the pattern to my sweater and used my sweater’s neckline and shoulder seams.
- Cut out the sleeves from the sleeves of the sweater
- Used the hem of the sweater as the hem of the dress
- Cut out lining, constructed it and attached it to: the neckline (fully) and partially to the armhole, sleeve hems and bottom hem.
- A heart-shaped button appliqué on the front

Dress #2

This dress has a straight cut, turtleneck, and ribbed banding at hem and sleeves. This dress is made from a sweater of mine as well. The dress has corduroy epaulettes at the shoulders and an attached corduroy belt. With the exception of the epaulettes and the belt, the dress is made pretty much the same way as dress #1. This knit is super soft though, which allowed me to avoid applying lining. On the photo the dress is worn with babylegs ( I cannot begin to tell you how much I like those!

Dress # 3

A close copy of dress #2, this dress has a piece-sign button appliqué on the front.

Garment #4: Knitted hooded poncho. This poncho was my design , so I have no pattern for it, but it is esseantially nade of two rectangles + a hood and buttons under the arms to form sleeves.

Note: All pictures are courtesy of my husband. Thank you, Sig!


Erica B. said...

What a cutie! And she loves the camera!

goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

toy said...

she is so adorable

Lindsay T said...

DD is a junior fashionista! Wait till she hits the teen years. (Speaking as the mother of a teen fashionista.)

Shannon said...

Love the sweater dresses! What a cool idea!

Shannon F

QL girl said...

That is the most stylish and adorable little girl I have seen!!! (Move over Suri Cruise!!)

Christina said...

What a little fashionista! Obviously she gets it from you.

And I love how you recycled some of your old sweaters for these dresses.

Cafe Couture said...

she's the sweetest, such a cute little model. Love them all.

Alexandra said...

How cute! I love the sweater dresses!

katherine h said...

Wow, DD got herself a whole, new, chic wardrobe! Well done Mum, that was worth waiting 2 years for.

Tany said...

She is ADORABLE and so well dressed thanks to a devoted and very talented Mom!

Melissa said...

love the scarf for your daughter!