Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pregnancy style # 3 - Military

This post could also have been called "Shopping Your Wardrobe." Since the recession hit, this seeems to be a popular topic.

A pregnant reader commented that she finds it difficult to dress her body. I agree. It is not easy. Affordable maternity clothing is quite wack size-wise, and the designs are rather dowdy. There are places where you can buy really nice maternity wear, however, I am opposed to spending major money for pieces that will be worn for only a few months. I suppose that would make sense in case this is your 1st pregnancy and you plan on being pregnant 2-3 more times. Not my case.

Right now, I am determined to hold off buying/making anything maternity till I absolutely have to. I simply select looser styles from what I already have. For example, almost everything in the pictures below has been owned for a long time (the boots for more than 8-9 years). The only reletively new item is the pant, which I got from the GAP sale. Actually, speaking of the GAP, since Patrick Robinson took over the GAP creatively, I have really been pleasantly surprised by what I seee in their stores.

Btw, I have never worn red lipstick, but yesterday I got this one from the Lancome counter yesterday, and actually like both the texture (it's their long lasting one) and the color.

(GAP cargo paint splatter pants, GAP military parka, Marshiall's sweater and tank, rabbit fur vest purchased locally, and brown studded boots from loooong time ago)


Digs said...

You have a great sense of style (but with that face, you'd look better in a brown paper wrapper than many of us in gala gear). Love to hear some other people out there admit to having their clothes forever! Best wishes for perfect health in the coming months.

Dei said...

In a pair of paint splattered cargo pants, you still manage to look glamorous. The red lipstick suits you well.

Gorgeous Things said...

OMG, congratulations!!! I'm just catching up on blog reading. You look fantastic (of course). Best of health and happiness!