Monday, February 8, 2010

Pregnancy Style #2

This is the second post to the "Pregnancy Style" feature.
I think layering can get you far in the 1st and 2nd trimesters of pregnancy. I like longer and lighter underlayers and shorter and darker top layers. Note on pants: I got these Blank jeans from the Saks Outlet and I wanted to comment on them. They look 100% as jeans, however, the fabric is not denim. I believe it is cotton something with a lot of stretch. Citizens has a similar jeggings style(also in black), but with a higher rise, and I think it is a new style for the brand, hence, selling at full price. Anyway, Tthe Blank jeggings are perfect for my situation because they stretch a lot, have a very low front rise, keep their shape, and stay up. Oh yes, they have zippers at the bottom outseam, so I can wear them over heals without having to scrunch!
Here I am leaving for class:

(wearing Blank jeans, Inhabit cottton t-shirt, Ivan Grundahl sweater, DIY tube scarf, and DIY necklace)

I maded the necklace some time ago when I had a jewelry-making phase. back then I posted detailed photos of the few pieces I made. Anyway, I love this one. It is so simple - antigue-finished chain laced with leather cord and knotted at the bottom. It has turned out to be incredibly versatile. I have worn it tens and tens of times.


Dei said...

You look fabulous! I don't think I ever looked that glamorous when pregnant. Excellent styling choices. The sweater alone is TDF.

Robyn said...

I think I'm about three weeks behind you (I'm 18 weeks now). You look great. I find dressing, well, difficult. I definitely can't hide this belly and feel a bit dumpy. Or stubby or something!