Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Need Help Finding Fabric

I have exhausted my usual resources, and need some help with finding:
  • sweatshirt fabric (not fleece)
  • lightweight denim with 5% or more lycra

I have finished the stirrups and the soft pant from my spring sewing list. Will photograph soon. Right now, I am working on the printed full skirt.


Myra said...

Someone posted Lura's online for denim, cannot remember where, though.

Anonymous said...

Here: http://selfishseamstress.wordpress.com/2010/02/13/heaven-for-stretch-denim-luras-fabric-shop/

Anonymous said...

This is the only place I know to get sweatshirt fleece. http://sewzannesfabrics.com/products01.php?view=boxview&family=sweatshirtfleece&display=name&pg_s=0

Or wait, do you live in LA? Michael Levine's usually has some but not in many colors.

JoanneM said...

emmaonesock for great denim.

Lindsay T said...

Fabric.com has organic sweatshirt fleece. I got a sample of it and it is very nice, super soft and not too fleecy.