Friday, February 26, 2010

My Spring Plan

We all know that plans don't always work out. Yet, I prefer having one. For this spring I have been thinking about:

1. Something with stripes:


(Rag and Bone sweater,
I have already ordered fabric from EOS but am not sure about the design.
2. Embellished sweatshirt:

I already embellished a sweatshirt with feather epaulettes, yet, I really want to try something sparkly, such as sequins or beading.

3. One shoulder or off-shoulder:

(Jiucy Couture,

(Alice and Olivia,
I don't know if I will go with a top or a dress, but I like the whole shoulder-baring idea a lot!

4. Skin-color bodysuit or top:

Currently looking for the right color jersey.

5. Short print skirt:

Again, looking for fabric.
I am not sure what the design would be, whether it is going to be gathered in the waist, or draped (like the skirt from the Alice and Olivia dress above, but I've been faschinated with printed skirts and thought this was an easy way to bring in print in my wardrobe.

6. Soft Pant:

(Phillip Lim,

(Alexander Wang,

As a pant lover, I love this trend. Last summer I made one soft pant, I am planning on making another one. I actually have the fabric, and the muslin is finished.

7. Stirrup leggings:

I know, this is less than exciting, but I've wanted a pair for a while. This one is actually already made, but I still have to take pictures.


Cafe Couture said...

Thanks for commenting on my sewing room. I'm a really happy sewist now. Alexander Wang's trousers are the best so far in your selection:)

Myra said...

I see stirrups are coming back, wore them in the 80's-90's. You have some great ideas, are you planning on making them maternity-friendly or for after?

Melissa Fehr Trade said...

whoa, my April 09 Manequim magazine has a pattern for those Alexander Wang trousers, made from sweatshirting, too!

Adriana B. said...

Melissa, I wish i had your Manaquin magazine!

Adriana B. said...

My idea is to make the pieces maternity-friendly, but wearable post-pregnancy. I don't know how this will turn out since I can only sew for my body at the moment, but this is the general concept. Well, of course, except for the bodysuit, it will be post-maternity.