Saturday, August 2, 2008

Contests and Some Projects Update

The voting for My Pattern contest started on the 2nd of August and will continue till the 12th of August - 2 more days. This is the page where you (if you've been a member of the PR for at least 3 months) can vote for any of the contest entries:
The ansemble on the left - a sailor twill pant and a ruched sleeve jersey top - is what I am participating with.

The voting for the One Fabric - Knit Contest (also held by PR) is also ending on the 12th of August and here: you can vote for your favorites. My entry in this contest is the yelllow maxi dress to the right:

On the update side, I am working on three things right now.

1. A drapey piece inspired by this Obakki top:
After 3 muslins my version (which is not a complete knock-off, there are some design changes) is essentially done but the weather outside is kind of cold, so I am waiting for a sunnier day to take pictures. I also made a choker to go with it.

2. I am done with the muslin for Burda WOF 09/2007-120 top (to the right). I have to find the right fabric (thinking black) and I am so making it!

3. I am in the process of fitting the muslin for Burda WOF 09/2007-121 jumper-dress (to the left) and I still have not made my mind if I actually like the style on me. If I decide to make it, I am wondering what color to make it (I know I don't want it black, for sure).

This is all for now. I start school in a week and my sewing time will be limited until mid-December, but hopefully will be able to squeeze some projects in.

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Tany said...

Wishing you luck on both contests!

I made Burda WOF 09/2007-121 in purple jersey and I was happy with it (at first I was unsure if I liked it too). I will wear it again this fall!