Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Over The Knee Boots Infatuation...Yeah, in June...

I know it is HOT outside and only the end of June, but I could not contain my excitement when I came across these Alexander Wang "Sigrid" boots on shopbop.com (the photos are from there). They are over -the-knee, and the notched heel and the back zip closure are to die for.
The website does not mention where they were made, yet, another retailer that carries other footwear pieces from his prefall collection lists the items it carries as "made in China." I don't mind shoes being made in China, but should they cost $900 then? I don't know... Had they been made in Italy, Spain, heck, maybe even Brasil, then ok, but China?
If they ever go on sale, I may get them.

Look at the profile and the heel! Beautiful...

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