Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Burda WOF 2008-11-139

I have been doing a lot of sewing for DD, and it is time for some posting to take place!

This dress is from Burda WOF 2008/11-139, and is designed by the head designer of Pampolina. Below is the nagazine picture and the technical drawing.

Technically, I should have cut s. 104, but this is s.110. I did it in 110 so she could wear it in the fall, however, I think that one can easily size up in this pattern.

The fabric is pinwale corduroy (Kaufman print). The fabric is a fairly busy print with larger objects, so I had to be careful with the placement of the pattern. Luckily, the print was not off-grain at all! The dress is fully lined with ponge lining.

There is an invisible zipper in CB. There is also a lot of topstitching but it is worth it.

My impressions from the instructions: not impressed, very typical Burda WOF.
The pattern, however, is drafted beautifully!
I love how the dress turned out, the fabric totally makes it!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! I had noticed that pattern but had totally forgotten about it. Thanks for posting it!

Karin (the Mrs.) said...

It's a very cute dress and I love the fabric you picked for it. She looks lovely in it!

Lindsay T said...

Are these recent photos? Emma is all better, I hope?

Adriana B. said...

She is all better, has been for about a week. We won't know if her sleep apnea is resolved until end of August though... But she stopped snoring!

Tany said...

Your little princess looks wonderful!
I'm glad she's feeling better!