Monday, March 29, 2010

My DVF Allen Pants

I posted about the DVF Allen pants one year ago, after seeing it in a magazine. It was for sale later on Somehow I never got around to making it last year.
This pant is NOT to meant to be worn when pregnant, but it could be (provided you find the right top). As a matter of fact, it looked much better on me 3 weeks ago when I finished it and my "waist" was almost 2" smaller.

The original pant is made from a silk-blend (92% silk, 8% spandex). It has elasticated bands at hem, front pleats, side-slit pockets, and simply slip on. The elasticated casings at the waistband and at the hem are attached, not turned under. Also, the entire pant is constructed with French seams.

I decided to stick to the original as closely as I could, including the construction methods:

- French seams throughout:

- Attached WB and front pleating:

- Front pocket:

- Elasticated cuffs, turned up:


MamaLucy said...

Tell me what French seams are,and what the advantages of using them are, please.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Seriously, only you could make those slouchy elastic waist pants look chic!

Anonymous said...