Sunday, March 21, 2010

Copying Ivan Grundahl

Some time ago I posted an outfit with an Ivan Grundahl top. See here:

Ivan Grundahl is a Danish designer with a rather conceptual point of view. You can check his recent work here:

A local store had a few pieses by him last season. Although his stuff is expensive, most of the items in that store sold before getting down to my comfort price point; but I did manage to get the top for a tenth of the price.

This is the type of design you can never copy without having the original on hand. Recently I copied the pattern, made few (not significant) changes (lengthened it, neckline is a bit different), and replicated it in lightweigh wool jersey that ( I think) I bought from EOS awhile ago. The last picture shows the shape of the top.

BTW, I ordered the shoes from for my birthday next month ( as present from DH), and although they are obviously very high, I really like the intricasy, the detail, everything. They just arrived and I still have not decided whether to keep them (because of the height), but wanted to have a picture with them!


Cafe Couture said...

just love the top you made, and thanks for the link to this designer I did not know about before your post.

lorenakitty said...

Really love the top and by all means keep the shoes.

gwensews said...

OMG--those shoes! I envy anyone who can walk in them! But, really, it doesn't matter if a person can walk in them or not does it? Just to have them as a table decoration would be terrific!

Dei said...

I love that you can draft whatever pattern you want. What a skill to have. The top is fantastic and you are looking lovely. Get plenty of rest.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Vogue 8651... Pretty!