Monday, September 14, 2009

Hippy Monday

I love Colorado Indian summer. The colors, the weather, the coziness.. It also allows for fun dressing through layering and adding texture.
My daughter had dance today and I snapped some pictures of what I wore

Free People top, Paige Premium Denim jeans, Banana republic midheel pums, LaRok vest


Candace said...

This outfit is AWESOME! Love your blog!

gigiofca said...

So cute, so cute! I love it.

a frock a day said...

I love this look on you. Hippy! Hippy! Hooray!

Jamie said...

Hey! What a cute outfit- I heart your blouse! And how great to discover another CO-based sewing blogger, though it looks from your photos like you live in the pretty part and not the part that everyone thinks is part of Kansas, where I live. :)