Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Lusts

Here are some of my favourite pieces for the fall:

I love this dress by ISSA. The designer is Daniella Issa Helayel and I know nothing about her. Her Fall 2009 collection of dresses, however, is delightful with its tropical palette and variety of hem lengths and necklines. The dress below is something that I'd like to make and I am open to suggestions about fabrics and patterns.

Remember I planned on making a blazer with Balmain-like shoulders? Well, it did not work out... Drafting a blazer from scratch turned out to be more that I could handle considering my time restraints. Fortunately, I found an affordable ZARA blazer that features exaggerated shoulders. The Future Classics coat below is an reiteration on the same theme. I think it is a beautiful, sexy, smart crossover between a dress and a coat. I suppose what attracts me most to it is the predatory silhouette. Love how it is styled with a hoodie underneath making it suddenly young and less serious.

This is the Enright Pant by Shipley and Halmos. This is the silhoette that I'd wear every day. I cannot find a pattern for a pant that skinny, so, pls help me out with that!

I love what Preen line has done this fall: body-con silhoettes adorned with pleats, zippers, just awesome! The Zip Hobbie Top by Preen Line is a piece that I could never replicate, yet, I thought I'd share it because it features one of my favourite trends - adornment through zipppers. Although I have no specific thoughts yet, I think I will attempt to make a garment that is embelished with zippers.

I kept the Preen Line biker pants for last. I WANT these pants so bad!!! The skinny, yet pleated at waist design is truly appealing to me. Again, if I find a pattern for a really skinny pant, I'd be able to adapt it, but so far no luck with the pattern. Aren't they just gorgeous though!

BTW, how about the Zanotti ( at least I think they are by G. Zanotti) peep-toe booties in the last two pics!
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Robyn said...

Those poochy hips -- not for girls like me! I have my own poochy hips. I like the first dress a lot.

J. said...

I love the Issa dress. But I am not a pro on giving fabric advice... sorry!

My guess would be the kind of thin silkjersey that is great for draping though...

Olga said...

Hi, Adriana!

What about these pants(BWOF 09/2007 #124A) with legs narrowed a little?

Vinnie Toscadero said...

I love the booties - I have long standing quest for the perfect open toe boots!

I saw a similar pair (less expensive) at:
I haven't tried the jeong gun shoes yet, but I do plan to soon.

Sarah said...

I would suggest the Anita Jean by Burda for a starting point. I just downloaded, your shape looks very similar to the model pictured.

Good Luck! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create.

I love the Issa dress!!! I suggest a fabulous printed silk jersey.

prashant said...

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prashant said...

I like the first dress a lot.

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