Monday, June 8, 2009


I apologize for not having posted in a long time. I am taking an intensive 5-week course that is normally taught over a 14-week period. Although I don't find the material difficult, there is a lot of reading and writing involved which takes a lot of time.
I am also scheduled for my citizenship interview and test tomorrow afternoon, so I had to prepare for that as well.
DH started traveling again and is away 4 days a week. DD is, of course, missing him and clinging to me more than usual.
All in all, I have no sewing time. I started a puffy skirt 2 weeks ago that I am yet to finish. I also have some things that have been finished for a while now but the weather has been so unpleasant that I am still to take photos of them.
Hopefully the interview/test tomorrow will go smoothly.
I'll try to post a finished project by the end of the week.


Christina said...

Good luck tomorrow! Not that you need it, you'll do great.

cidell said...

Good luck! My coworker has her interview in August.

Meg said...

Best of luck tomorrow! I'll be doing that soon too... Visa stuff is such a pain!

Marita said...

Good luck for tomorrow:-)it'll go great.

gwensews said...

Good luck!