Friday, May 15, 2009

Fiona Paxton Inspired Necklace - Tutorial

In the comments to my previous post I was asked to provide a tutorial on how to make the necklace.

This is how:

Materials needed:

  • Beaded trim - 1" to 1.5" wide

  • Beads, beading needle and cord/thread

  • Satin ribbon

  • Seams Great or similar product

  • Fray-check and glue

The trim you can get from your local craft store, online (from or other source), or from ebay. You can also bead it yourself, I guess, if you have the time and skill to do so.

Everything else you should be able to get from your craft store or beading store.

Measurements and Steps:

The necklace is 40" long, the bead trim part of mine is 25" long. You must cut the trim 1" longer on each side, remove the beads from that 1", and secure the remaining beads.

Next, you make the beading stringss, each 15" long and with at least 6" extra cord at each end.

Then, thread each end of the strand. Pierce with the needle from the right side of the trim at the end where the beads end, pull the tread out from the wrong side, and secure.

After you are done securing all of the bead strings, place some fray-check over the secured edges of the thread ends.

Next, you will fold over the extra 1" on each end of the beaded trim and glue it. Then, you will apply the satin ribbon on the back side of the beaded trim. I used a product similar to Seams Great and used an iron to create the bond between the back side of the trim and the ribbon.

And you are done!

Additional notes:

  • Your beaded string can be of equal length or get shorter as they go towards the inside part of the trim (see photo below):

When I made my necklace all rows were of equal length. Last night though I redid it as in the photo above and I think it is a more flattering design option.

  • Instead of beading strings of beads, you can use jewelry chain, best if it is 2mm wide. For a 1.5" wide trim you will need about 14-15 lengths of chain. If you are using chain, you are better off going with the option above (the lengths of the chains getting shorter as they go topwards the inside), or otherwise you are facing major tangling. The end link of the chain is sewn onto the trim and the thread is fastened on the wrong side of the trim.

  • If you are using beading thread/cord, wax it before you start, for strength.


Nancy K said...

Thanks Great necklace. A bit easier than using a beading loom, to say the least considering that I don't know how to.

a frock a day said...

Thank you for the tutorial. I want to try my hand at this someday.

You have wonderful style.

Tany said...

Great tutorial, thanks!!