Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thanks, Everyone...

Thanks to everyone for the support!
The jacket is a fiasco, I do not have anough fabric to do it again. I had preshrunk both fabric and interfacing, however, I guess, some fabrics are just not meant to be fused.
Anyway, once the semester is over I 'll try it again, in a more spring-summery fabric, and hopefully it would work.
I have two completed projects (from before the jacker fiasco) I have to blog about (pants and a top) but have to take pictures first.
Thanks again to everyone for the support.
I have a question... If I am to use sew-in interfacing, what type do I have to buy? Specifically, what do you use if you are using light- to medium weight fabric? Do you still use Hymo? If yes, which parts do you apply to?


Marita said...

Hello my friend:-)

That was a bummer:-(, it feels miserable and a total waste of money and time, but there is always a silver lining, although you might want to punch me for saying this but you did learn a lot by this experience. To your question, I'd use silkorganza, polyorganza, batise, fusible batiste, vlieseline G785, fusible knit of course the character of the garment and fabric has to be considered when choosing the interfacing but you know all that, LOL!!!

gwensews said...

I'm sorrr the interfacing didn't fuse properly. There are fabrics that simply will not take a fuse, regardless of the interfacing or the technique.

I prefer a woven sew-in, unless I am going to hand tailor, in which case it would be hair canvas.

Jennifer said...

There are so many interfacings out there that it's always difficult for me when I'm buying them to figure out exactly what I'm buying. I printed out this chart from Threads and find it very helpful when trying to decide what kind of interfacing I need/want.
Hope this helps you!