Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Boyfriend Blazer

I am really feeling the "boyfriend" silluette this spring. Below are two blazers that I have been interested in(from left to right: blazer by Smythe at and William Rast at I tried a Literature Noir blazer at Nordstrom and the style looked awesome, or at least I thought so.

Since I have not attempted a tailored garment in a long time, I thought I should try it and here is my muslin:

I don't have fabric but am looking for one!

My husband saw it and said, "Well, it is big, but it';s the style." "Yeah," I said, "it's a boyfriend blazer." "Wow, it's one small boyfriend you have," he concluded.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

It looks great :) What pattern did you use?

Adriana B. said...

I did not use a commercial pattern, drafted it myself.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

You did a fantastic job. I'm anxious to see it done up in your fabric. It will be beautiful.