Saturday, February 7, 2009

The MUST-SEW Spring/Summer Sewing List

It is time to plan for spring-summer, and here is my list:
1. Drapey Cropped Full Pant
At first I cringed at the sight if harem pants or even at the fuller pants with front pleats. Then, I saw a photo of DVF’s Allen pant (see below)... And I was sold! I had to have a pant like that.
I have already drafted and muslined a front pleated pant, and am looking for the right fabric now.
Also, Burda 7653 (below) is something that appeals strongly to me.

2. Knit Maxi Dress
I am still looking for the perfect design; however, Elizabeth and James’s dress is my favorite at this point:
with these Caroline Hedaya dress running a close second:
I don't have patterns for either of the dresses; however, both seem pretty straight-forward to draft once you decide on the desired fulness.
3. Jumpsuit
Still have no favorite design but these are the RTW pieces I am looking at for details right now:
The 2nd and 3rd pieces (by, respectively, Paul and Joe and LARok) are most likely what I'll choose.
A Jumpsuit will be interesting to draft. I've never attempted a one-piece, so it should be either very interesting, or extremely frustrating, or both!
4. Proenza Schouler’s Top
Isn't this beautiful... So simple, yet so sopjisticated!
I'll cut this on bias and add structure by inserting boning in the upper side seam
5. A skirt:
I don’t have any summer skirts and this skirt by “by Malene Birger” is my design of choice:
I actually own this skirt and will be coping the pattern.
6. A casual tank(s)
I love tanks and am looking forward to making some slouchier versions - both knit and woven ones. I know many will frown on my inspiration, but here it is nonetheless - a slouchy silk tank by Alexander Wang:

This Burda 7661 View B could work:

How cool will it be if a looser silk tank is layered over a more fitted rayon tank and the rayon peaks from underneath?! I love the idea; I guess we;ll see how it would translate into reality.

7. Flirty Woven Camisole(s)
I like both the Rag & Bone button-up tank on the left and the Ella Moss Tiered camisole on the right. Don't know if I'll make both, but one for sure.

This Burda 7643 View C

Burda WOF 2005-05-111
Of course, I will be also making things for DD but this is something I don’t plan for, it is the spur of the moment kind of sewing.


Marita said...

Cool plans! Those pieces are calling your name, have fun, let me know if there is something I can help you with:-)

michelle said...

I haven't commented on your blog yet, but I have been reading since you started it. I love it, and have been wanting to visit the store you mentioned at the Briargate mall awhile back, since I live in Colorado Springs. I am really looking forward to your version of a jumpsuit, I just bought a vintage jumpsuit pattern and love the pattern, but haven't started it yet. They are so retro and cool, but hard to pull off, I think. I will be waiting for your review of one :)
Keep up the great work!!!!

Tany said...

Love your picks! My favorite is the jumpsuit, I must make one for spring too!