Friday, February 24, 2012

How Long Has It Been...?

A rhetorical question, if there was one..
I have received some emails about what was going on with me and the blog, so here it is.
I have neglected this blog for a really long time and not for a bad reason. My son is 19 months old and a handful; healthy and happy but very demanding of my time and attention. Then, my daughter, who is in Kindergarten, has her own needs with school and extracurriculars. The family... It has been nonstop.
Before, I was always able to find time after putting my daughter to bed, but now after everyone is asleep the energy and inspiration are just not there. I have only made one maxi skirt about a year ago, nothing else.
I am hoping that things will start changing and I'll be able to carve bits of time for this little hobby.
I find, more and more, the truth about the preciousness of time and have been struggling with it. Sewing is time consuming; moreover, for me it is a process that I cannot split into 10 windows of 20min each. I kind of need a block period of time so that I can focus and submerge.
I know that many of the sewers out there have families and jobs and still sew. I don't know how you all do it!
So, bottom line, hopefully, I will come back to making stuff and posting about it. The "when" part if it is unclear at this time. Crossing my fingers...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Corduroy Trench and Shorts

I’ve been toying with the idea of making a trench for Emma for a while; so, when I found this polka dot corduroy fabric I knew I had to try it.

Speaking of fabrics, when I was planning the fall capsule for my daughter, I first narrowed down the pieces I wanted to make, and then focused on the fabrics. I definitely wanted some corduroy; it is such a cosy fall material! I was glad I could use a flower-print one I’ve had for a few years (see the shorts in this post), and I found the polka dot one online. It was an added bonus that both cord fabrics coordinated. Also, both are pinwales and lightweight.

As you can see, the shapes of the trench are very basic, yet, lady-like. I was glad to find the lace-up shoes to "toughen up" an otherwise very girly wardrobe.

Construction-wise, the trench has inseam pockets, cuffed sleeves, and is lined in lightweight cotton fabric, all practical details.

We found the cap in TJ Maxx and I knew it would perfectly compliment the trench, so, we had to have it.

I had to wait three weeks for the flower-shaped buttons, but it was worth it, they add just the right touch of whimsy.

I find that shorts are a great alternative to skirts, even for winter, worn with tights.

The pattern for this pair of shorts is from Burda WOF, and was reviewed here: as a summer garment. For fall, I made it in flower-print corduroy, in a size bigger.
As I have said before, I love the playfulness and girliness of this pattern. I highly recommend it to anyone sewing for a girl.

A couple of detail shots:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dresses, Dresses, And More Dresses

DD loves dresses. If she had it her way, she would wear dresses only, preferably princess ones...

As part of my fall capsule for her, I made 3 dresses.

1. Diamonds and Squares dress.

This dress was made using a Burda WOF pattern, but unfortunately, I don't remember which one. I used a poly knit and played with the pattern: the placket features squares and the rest of the dress diamonds. The dress is underlined with a lightweight cotton knit, and the neckline is bound with lightweight brown corduroy cut on the bias. There is a CB button closure.

The other 2 dresses I had made before (2 years ago) in a smaller size. They turned out to be such huge hits with DD that I remade them in her current size this summer. Since they have been previously reviewed in detail, I will provide only brief descriptions below.

2. Village Frock

The pattern was purchased from the ladies behind

For previos version and construction details, pls click here:

3. Striped Dress with Leggings

Previous version and construction details, pls click here:
This dress is self-drafted, and made from a reversible (two-faced) interlock. I utilized both sides. The bodice is lined with something similar to swimsuit lining.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Polka Dot Tiered Skirt and Marc Jacobs - Inspired Tees

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and the congratulations on our baby boy!
I apologize for the non-existing maintenance of the blog, but babies do that. Luckily, he is a delightful baby and fills my heart with so much joy.

Back when I was pregnant, I made a fall capsule for DD, and will try to post the outfits as she is wearing them.

I wil start today with a skirt and two tees.

The skirt is a design inspired by J Crew's Crewcuts summer collection. The original skirt was made of silk and the tiers laid more flat. Our version is made from lightweight corduroy and poofs up, which I love:

The tees (the one worn with the skirt and the one below worn with the jeans) were inspired by the Marc by Marc Jacobs tee below. I liked the peeking twisted contrast at the hem and at the sleeves. My version is with quarter sleeves and is more fitted.
Here are two close-ups:Details on construction:
Skirt: It has a base layer ( a rectangle) onto which the gathered and hemmed tiers are attached. The waist is elasticised, with the elastic laying on the inside of the skirt. I also lined the skirt.
Tee: It actually consists of 2 tees, the inside layer being cut longer at teh hem and sleeves. The two layers are constructed separately, and then attached at the hem and sleeve hems. when attaching the side seams of the inside layer are moved clockwise for a twisted effect. Lastly, the neckband is attched to both layers simultaneously.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Baby Boy

Our baby boy Alexander Valentin (Valentin is my Dad's name) was born in the end of July (way after his due date), and we have been busy loving him ever since!
I have some fall clothes that I made for DD before Alexander's birth and will try to post them as she starts wearing them. The temperatures have to drop WAY down first!

Thursday, July 15, 2010